The first Wi-Fi 6 devices are now available in stores, with real-time Wi-Fi 6 applications that are capable of functioning reliably in WLAN. Wi-Fi 6 achieves speeds up to one-and-a-half times faster than Wi-Fi 5 – the new standard enables a maximum speed of up to 4.8 gbps per client, while WiFi 5 has a maximum speed of 3.12 gbps. Further, with many end devices connected to WLAN, the new standard ensures a much more reliable network connection as larger data streams can be processed simultaneously and at much longer distances. In addition, the standard offers more predictable performance for advanced applications such as 4K or 8K video transmission, HD applications for collaboration in high-density environments and fully wireless networked office environments. Further, it enables the application of the Internet of Things (IoT) in factories, homes and even cars.

With multiple reports published by many different entities on Wi-Fi 6 leadership, it is hard to know who to believe, as there is little transparency about where the data comes from and what types of analysis were applied to retrieve the results let alone how to try to reproduce any of such analysis yourself. Most of the time understanding these areas of SEPs, standards and patents requires access to multiple databases, valuable time of your subject matter experts as well as in- and outside counsel. At the end it can appear that you are spending way more resources on gathering the data rather than gaining actionable knowledge from it to understand what it means to your business, your portfolio, and your strategy. In this webinar we aim to provide you with best-in-class techniques for understanding the world of Wi-Fi 6 in such a straight-forward way, that even you will have the time and skills to do it.

From this webinar recording you will learn:

  • Why Wi-Fi 6 will become relevant across industries? Coexistence with 5G?
  • SEP declaration data – access and limitation of blanket Wi-Fi 6 declaration.
  • How to identify Wi-Fi 6 standards contributions?
  • How standards contribution data allows to predict SEP ownership for Wi-Fi 6?
  • How AI based prediction allows knowing what is truly Wi-Fi 6 essential?

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