This panel was built on the balanced dynamics of licensees and licensors. While speakers Sonja London (Nokia), Tong Xin Marco (ZTE), Yorck Hernandez (Hernandez IP) and Tim Pohlmann (IPlytics) were free to express their views, the panel as such does not take sides or recommend anything and each of the panelists is speaking from her or his own experiences and not on behalf of their respective companies. Each speaker will presented their point of view – understanding that the speakers might not agree with each other.


Listeners should learn:
  • Basics of what SEP are
  • Latest Trends on SEP declarations and patent pools for standards such as 4G, 5G, Wi-Fi, HEVC, VVC
  • Basics of what a licensing project/process looks like
  • Basics of what an implementer and SEP owner should do during the licensing process
  • Understand the differences in the point of views of implementer and SEP owners

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