In order for the full potential and promise of autonomous vehicles to be recognized, it will be critical for automakers to create vehicles that communicate with each other in real time, without lag. However, there are many obstacles to overcome before standardization can truly be achieved, not the least of which is the establishment of new business models. While there are a number of high-profile legal confrontations and licensing standoffs capturing the auto industry in a quagmire of uncertainty, it hardly suffers this predicament alone. The Internet of Things, for example, which connects security systems, heating and lighting systems, washers and dryers, kitchen appliances and more, will require increased interoperability and communication bandwidth if it continues grow as predicted. With such staggering commercialization opportunity due to demonstrated technological advancement come patents— a lot of patents – mostly standard essential patents (SEPs). When there are a lot of patents together with seemingly limitless market potential, litigation abounds— a lot of litigation.

In the webinar from March 9th 2021 Gene Quinn, patent attorney and Founder of, invited for a special 90 minute wide-ranging conversation about SEP litigation trends, forum shopping, licensing and more. Joining the conversation in a lively panel discussion was Clemens Heusch, Head of Global Litigation for Nokia, David L. Cohen, from Kidon IP, a well-known SEPs expert and former Chief IP Officer for Vringo, and Dave Djavaherian, President of PachTech Law, P.C., Kent Baker, Head of Intellectual Property, u-blox AG, and Tim Pohlmann, CEO of IPlytics.

In addition to addressing questions from the audience, the panel discussed:

  • How soon will we see increased SEP litigation for connected homes, smart factories or other technologies outside the auto industry?
  • SEP licensing across the value chain: Is offering SEP licenses only to OEMs considered anticompetitive?
  • Trends as a result of the latest SEP related court decisions around the world.
  • Whether regional court decisions will cause forum shopping by SEP owners for favorable courts/jurisdictions?
  • The growing concern over anti suit injunctions.
  • The impact of the Department of Justice business review letter (BRL) to Avanci.

Please download the webinar slides, live poll statistics and video recording here

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