Wi-Fi 6 will play an important role in the assortment of connectivity standards that will be at the core of the next technology revolution. It will likely be implemented in millions of devices across different industry verticals, including smart homes, smart factory technologies, smart energy, smart cars and even smart healthcare. The licensing of Wi-Fi 6 SEPs will thus be negotiated among SEP owners and standard implementers for various applications and use cases. It is therefore crucial for any IP professional to better understand the landscape of Wi-Fi 6 patents. With a wider implementation of Wi-Fi 6 beyond routers and phones or personal computers, the licensing of SEPs has increasingly become an issue for the industry. While IEEE hosts a database that allows standards members to submit potentially essential patents through a so-called Letter of Assurance (LOA), most LOAs are blanket declarations. In other words, a company declares that it owns SEPs for Wi-Fi in a blanket statement, without disclosing the actual list of patents that are potentially essential.

This report presents a novel approach to identify the Wi-Fi 6 universe of standard essential patents (SEPs).

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