IP as a whole is in the process of moving towards digitization and topics such as globalization and 5G remain at the forefront for IP leaders in the software, mechanical and engineering fields. The Insight IP Virtual Boardroom offer the chance to break hierarchies by learning from first hand experience of challenges faced by in house counsel and where they see the industry moving. Through this format, we are able to provide in depth discussions with different points of view. The panelists of this Virtual Boardroom met to discuss how 5G, ‘the next technology revolution’, is affecting their businesses, operations and IP practices. The 10 panellists participated from the US and across Europe, representing a broad range of industries including audio software, telecoms, media production and distribution, cloud computing, and licensing. The Virtual Boardroom was moderated by Dr Tim Pohlmann, CEO and Founder of IPlytics, an IP analytics and intelligence tool for analysing technology landscapes. This report summarizes the main discussion and outcomes of the Virtual Boardroom Meeting in May 2020.

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