The next industrial revolution will not only impact the smartphone and computer world but will spread to many more industrial verticals. It is anticipated that patent holders will actively monetize their SEPs covering standards such as 5G, Wi-Fi 6 or VVC in this fast-moving, high-investment environment. Any company adopting these standards must decrease operational risk and expense exposure by taking a proactive strategy towards SEPs rather than a reactive one. Many of the businesses that will adopt standards subject to SEPs, on the other hand, have little expertise in negotiating SEP licenses. Also, understanding the overall SEP landscape is critical for the smooth connectivity standard adoption, maintaining profitability, and protecting the capacity to sell new products and services with enough access to third-party patent rights. While the telecoms industry and large SEP-owning companies are experts in standards development and worldwide SEP licensing and royalty negotiation, other sectors, such as the auto industry, consumer electronics, industrial manufacturing, energy, and medical healthcare, among others, have yet very little knowledge about how to handle and license-in third party SEPs. IP professionals in these sectors will need to gain a better understanding of the SEP landscape, as they will need to implement patented standards and will thus at some point have to pay royalties.

This report discusses connectivity standards subject to SEPs, the adoption across industries and the legal risks implementing them.

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