The All New Semantic Essentiality Score

Your first step to determining patent essentiality

The IPlytics Semantic Essentiality Score (SES) brings a redefined approach to determining the essentiality of declared patents which can save you up to $150,000 for every 100 patents that you get evaluated with the help of subject-matter experts and outside counsel.

What is the IPlytics Semantic Essentiality Score?

The IPlytics Semantic Essentiality Score guides you on how likely essential a patent is to the standard it is declared for. Using a semantic mapping of independent patent claims to standard sections, an essentiality score is calculated ranging from 1-100 with 100 being the most likely essential.

Why should you care?

For Portfolio Management:


  • Use IPlytics SES to know what is more or less essential in your portfolio and your competitor’s
  • Keep track of your highest scoring granted patents so you never forget to renew them
  • Understand the likelihood of essentiality of declared patent applications early in the process

For Licensing and Business Development:


  • Using IPlytics SES, you can finally tackle the ETSI over-declarations
  • Review any declared patent portfolio for essentiality in seconds
  • Use IPlytics SES as a foundation for better calculation of FRAND rates for your licensing negotiations



Get a semantic mapping of a patent and the standard to which it was declared


Find the semantic similarity score for each declared patent and corresponding standard. Sort and filter to get the most likely essential patents, per standard or portfolio.


Look at a side-by-side comparison of the most semantically matching independent patent claim and the standard section


Refine your results and compare portfolios or single patents based on the score

IPlytics SES does not replace subject matter expert claim charting but it is your first-step approach to determining declared patent portfolios before spending time and money!

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