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IPlytics and the Next Technology Revolution

Comprehensive IP Intelligence in one tool

IP Strategy

With business environments becoming increasingly more complex, being able to efficiently protect, improve and leverage IP assets is essential for capitalizing innovation from research to market success. With IPlytics Platform, users can easily navigate, analyze, and drill down into information enabling in-depth IP analyses and a long term monitoring of particular technologies. IPlytics supports efficient decision- making processes for IP departments, strategy departments as well as for technology and innovation management teams.

Competitive Analysis

IP information provides competitive intelligence years before companies publicly announce new products or acquisitions. The challenge is understanding who owns what for which market segment. IPlytics connects patent data with information on mergers and acquisitions, product releases, standard setting activities, memberships in industry alliances, litigation cases, patent transfer deals or patent licensing contracts. This allows an up-to-date tracking and monitoring of current market participants and a direct identification of new market players.

R&D Investments

IP analysis helps understanding how different technology trends emerge, develop or even converge every day. IPlytics Platform connects patent information with market data which allows spotting upcoming technology trends as well as identifying new revenue paths or recognizing where to fill gaps in current product lines. New methods of topic clustering help users to explore and screen upcoming trends. An efficient trend monitoring is critical for a company’s long- term success in any market.

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Market Strategy

Being able to efficiently selling or licensing your IP requires a thorough understanding of technology markets. IPlytics Platform helps monitoring market activities and spotting new business opportunities. This enables identifying, evaluating and securing lucrative prospects for your IP. IPlytics Platform provides its users a 360-degree market overview on recent developments in any industry.

Company Valuation

One of the major challenges for IP professionals is to examine the strength of the IP portfolios of competitors, companies they may acquire and even their own. Using IPlytics Platform enables to valuate patent portfolios, standardization projects or product lines relevant for specific market segments. In this regard, IPlytics makes use of scientifically validated methods to create reliable valuation indicators. Based on our scalable and reliable search engine you can search millions of documents in seconds and rank or valuate the results at a single glance. Our big data architecture allows searches using data from more than 200 public sources on one single platform.

Risk Management

Whenever you need an IP search tool, IP monitoring tool, or a comprehensive IP analysis answer, IPlytics Platform provides this information with one-click results. Foresight screenings of patent litigation, patent licensing or patent pooling activities help to identify possible costs or legal problems that may come up. IPlytics Platform helps quantifying the risk potential for R&D investments, launching new products or entering new markets.

IPlytics Benefits

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IPlytics Approach

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