Value Proposition

Analyze Markets and Technology

IPlytics Platform helps you to derive comprehensive competitive intelligence in understanding market positions, technology trends and your competitors’ behavior. Our solution supports your decision making process and helps not only understanding the technology landscape, but also obtaining a tiered perspective of how patents map to standards, products, and market segments.

IPlytics Platform

Advanced Intellectual Property Analytics

Getting the Job Done


The strategic use of technology and market information is becoming increasingly important in order to maintain market share and compete against rivals. Surveillance and early warning systems help you to anticipate your competitor’s behavior. With the use of new data sources, IPlytics Platform helps you to measure and visualize technology landscapes, portfolio valuations or mapping patents to standards or products.

Save Costs


IPlytics Platform enables you to access required information in no time. By using IPlytics Platform technology management teams, which are historically short-staffed and have budgetary limits, gain access to multiple databases for their analyses and strategic conclusions. This saves time for research and the employment of external consultants is often unnecessary.

Risk Reduction


Your main competitive advantage is the edge in information. IPlytics Platform provides access to up-to-date information on technology or market trends that support your innovation- and technology management. IPlytics Platform helps you to strategically plan your R&D investments to guarantee sustainable success of your business.

Increase Your Performance


IPlytics Platform increases transparency on market developments and on the existence of patents, standards and technologies. Foresight screenings of patenting and standard setting help you to identify possible licensing cost or legal problems in early periods. The risk potential for the launch of new technologies or products can thus be quantified and valued in early stages.

Faster and better market insights

Through advanced in-depth analyses

Patent Filing, Patent Trade and Patent Valuation


  • Track your competitors’ patent behavior for particular technologies of interest
  • Valuate and rank patent portfolios
  • Spot new market players with related patent portfolios
  • Monitor the trade of patents among companies
  • Identify potential patent white spaces or patent thickets

Patent Litigation and Patent Licensing


  • Detect the latest patent litigation cases
  • Track litigation activities for your market segment
  • Track and monitor patent licensing deals and patent pooling activities
  • Recognize standard essential patents
  • Identify licensing conditions and policies

Products, Financial Performance, M&A Deals and Business News


  • Spot new market players with related products
  • Monitor your competitors market activities and financial performance
  • Detect the latest M&A deals in your area of interest
  • Monitor company news and product releases for your market segment
  • Recognize collaborations for your area of technology

Technology Standards / Standard Essential Patents


  • Spot all declared SEPs for your market segment
  • Identify all patents that semantically relate to a standardized technology
  • Track upcoming standardization projects for your field of interest
  • Monitor the ratification of industry wide accepted standards
  • Identify standard document status and accreditation
  • Spot potential white spaces for standards in your field

Research activities and Scientific Publications


  • Identify leading researchers, research institutions or researching companies for your area of interest
  • Monitor technology trends with a journal publication analysis
  • Spot new research projects and disruptive innovations for your market segment
  • Identify research collaborations for certain technologies

Easy internal Company Data Matching


  • Upload internal patent portfolio lists to benchmark it with the IPlytics value indictors
  • Upload inventions or provisional applications to semantically match the text with the IPlytics data
  • Match your internal lists of queries to search different IPlytics data bases
  • Match your internal datasets to create connections to IPlytics Platform

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