Data, Processing and Reliability

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IPlytics Approach

Making data smart



IPlytics collects worldwide data from more than 800 widely distributed sources running constant updates.



IPlytics harmonizes all data points such as e.g. company names, patent numbers, standard IDs and so on.



IPlytics integrates multiple data sources by making use of machine learning algorithms and semantic matching methods.



IPlytics uses intelligent visualizations to illustrate market and technology trends at a single glance.

Comprehensive & Transparent

IPlytics provides validated, reliable and trustworthy IP Analytics

Data Sources


IPlytics makes use of publically available data sources to ensure transparency and traceability. IPlytics imports all data sources and constantly updates changes to guarantee data actuality and data reliability. Please find here an overview which data sources we exploit.

Data Processing


IPlytics leverages the use of patent and standards data by calculating sophisticated statistical value and trend indicators. Our valuation measures are transparent, trustworthy and have been validated by scientific research. Please find here a more precise description on how we calculate and measure patent and standard statistics.


IPlytics cooperates with leading scientific research organizations to ensure that our data processing and data calculation methods are trustworthy and reliable. We frequently communicate with our partners to validate our analytics algorithms. Please find here an overview of our partners and their expertise.

Our Partners

Technical University

Berlin, Germany

Chair of Innovation Economic


The TU Berlin Chair of Innovation Economics has been conducting research on technology trend analyses for over 10 years. The research has been published in peer reviewed journals and policy studies. IPlytics cooperates with the TU Berlin on questions of technology and market trend statistics.

Northwestern University

Chicago, USA

Department of Innovation economics


The Searl Center of Northwestern Chicago is conducting research on patenting and standardization strategies as well as on patent licensing mechanisms e.g. patent pooling. IPlytics cooperates with the Searl Center on the analysis of standard essential patents and standard setting activities.

Mines ParisTech

Paris, France

Group of IP and Markets for Technology


Mines ParisTech is a leading research school with expertise that relates to technology markets, patent strategy and competition analyses. IPlytics cooperates with Mines ParisTech on questions of patent transfer, patent ownership and patent licensing.

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