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In the second of our 3 part Summer Back To Basics Webinar series, we explore the world of standard setting organizations (SSOs) and patent pools: Why are they so important? What does a world without them look like? And regardless of the industry you are in, why you need to be paying a little more attention to them.

In this webinar you’ll learn:

  • How are Technical Standards administered: The role of the Standard Setting Organizations (SSOs).
  • How do SSOs handle standard essential patents? A look at different SSO’s IP policies and bylaws.
  • What is a patent pool? And why are pools typically formed around standards?
  • How does the licensing around SEPs work.
  • What are Technical Standards – how are standards developed within SSOs?
  • New, emerging Technical Standards and Trends.
  • The future: What you need to know now!

Presented by

Tim Pohlmann
Founder and CEO @IPlytics

Tim Pohlmann is the CEO and founder of IPlytics. He earned his doctoral degree with the highest distinctions from the Berlin Institute of Technology with a dissertation on patenting and coordination in standardization. He then went on to work as a post-doctoral researcher and consultant for the “Law and Economics of Patents Group” at CERNA, MINES ParisTech. Tim founded IPlytics with the vision to create the first solution on the market to bring together comprehensive, highly indexed technical standard information, global patents, declared standard essential patents (SEPs) as well as patent pool and technical standard contribution data to provide industry leading analysis on the past, present and future of standard essential technology.


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