Webinar on the role of patents and standards.

In a recent Webinar a panel of experts shared their thoughts on how the next technology revolution and the role of standard-essential patents (SEPs) may change IP strategy in the future. They discussed how connectivity standards will influence whole industries and why sectors beyond the smartphone world should also care about standards development and SEPs. Also, the latest patents and standards development trends were presented and discussed as well as what the future of SEP licensing may look like.

The following article summarizes the Webinar discussions from May 28th 2020 titled: Are you prepared for the next technology revolution? The role of patents and standards.

The panel speakers:
  • Professor Bowman Heiden, co-director of the Center for Intellectual Property (CIP) and visiting professor at UC-Berkeley,
  • Professor Jorge Contreras (JD (Harvard), BSEE, BA (Rice)), professor of law at the University of Utah,
  • Jim Harlan, senior director of standard and competition policy at InterDigital, as well as
  • Matthias Schneider, chief licensing officer (patents) at Audi AG.
Questions addressed:
  • Will the increased implementation of SEPs across all industries change the IP strategy for companies on both sides of the table?
  • Will companies outside of the smartphone world spend R&D budgets on connectivity technologies, which would be a shift from inventions related to their core capabilities?
  • Will the current major SEP owners and licensors come up with new and more efficient ways to license SEPs to a broader audience – solving the stickiness problem?
  • How could the recent JPO policy initiative on restriction of injunctions for SEPs in IoT products influence the market of SEP licensing?

The panel was moderated by Dr. Tim Pohlmann, the CEO of IPlytics GmbH.

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