In addition to patents, technical standards and SEPs, technical standard contribution data can drastically change the perspective of a technology, portfolio or a competitor. Market leaders in the telecom industry often strategically align standards development with R&D efforts, patent prosecution processes, portfolio development, patent licensing and patent transaction practices. The early filing of provisional applications allows standards developers to protect contributions before they are submitted. These contributions – when approved by the working group – are means to integrating patented inventions into the final standards specification. While integrating contribution data in prior art searches allows writing valid and essential claims for filing SEP applications, contribution data on the other hand is one important source of prior art to invalidate SEPs in course of licensing negotiation or litigation. While standards contributions differ in their impact on innovation and are not intended to provide ownership of the standard, analyzing these contributions is a useful way to assess the involvement and investment of companies in the development of standards, assuming that companies with the greatest influence on a standard will also have the strongest SEP portfolios in the future.

The counting and analysis of submitted contributions demonstrates how much share and influence companies have in standards development. Scientific studies provide evidence that cross-correlating patents to standards contributions allows to identify potential SEPs. Here often the author of the submitted and accepted contribution is also listed as the inventor of a patent, also the patent may reference earlier contributions as prior art, or the claims semantically relate to the proposed sections of the contribution. Such cross-correlations will not replace claim charting, but scoring patents allows ranking patent as to its relevance to a standard which makes the very expensive manual process of mapping hundreds and sometime thousands of patent claims to standards sections much faster.

In this best practice webinar series, we will explored methods and approaches on how to retrieve, normalize, match, and then count and valuate standards contributions. The webinar provides real-world examples and best practices that we have identified with our partners and customers.

  1. How to use Standards Contribution data to understand SEP portfolios
  2. How to retrieve standards contribution data?
  3. Which SSOs provide SEP data for which standards?
  4. How to match, normalize and categorize contributions?
  5. Common pitfalls when analyzing and counting contributions.
  6. Best practices on counting and valuating contributions.
  7. Takeaways.

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