In the last part of our Summer Series we explored all Technical Standard Contributions. On the surface, this is a little known, highly powerful data source, very much underutilized by patent and standard professionals unless their roles focus directly on this. In this webinar, IPlytics wanted to change this paradigm and make Technical Standards Contributions accessible, available and understandable to everyone.

Questions that were addressed in this webinar:

  • What are Technical Standard Contributions? What role do they play the Standard Development process?
  • What types of information do they provide that compliments the world of patents and standards?
  • How Technical Standard Contribution data can be used for competitive intelligence: early warning system for patenting?
  • How Technical Standard Contribution data can be used for prior art search?
  • The role of Technical Standard Contributions in the prediction of Standard Patent Essentiality

Video Recording and Presentation Slides

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