Ilmenau 2015, 300 participants, the largest IP conference in Europe and two days of presentations and discussions on issues around IP issues. This year’s conference focused on the topic of IP cooperation and competition. IPlytics was part this year’s PatInfo conference and CEO Tim Pohlmann held a keynote speech on the topic: Internet of Things (IoT) and the growing need for cooperation among competing companies. In today’s world, the development of technology is increasingly demanding. In view of the industry 4.0 / Internet of Things, companies are more and more challenged by critical technology investment decisions. While technology is strongly converging, companies have to integrate new technologies often developed by market competitors. For example, an intelligent manufacturing machine with a touch display, LTE, Wifi or Bluetooth connection or RFID chip sensor incorporates multiple technologies that are based on third party intellectual property rights (IPR). In order to make the right technology investment decisions, an innovative company needs to identify which technologies will be relevant in the future, which technologies are protected by IPR, which standards or specifications are to be adopted and are relevant for the current and future product line. The challenge is understanding who owns what for which market segment. With business environments becoming increasingly more complex, being able to efficiently protect, improve and leverage IP assets is essential for capitalizing innovation from research to market success. In this regard, CEO Tim Pohlmann presented how the IPlytics Platform tool uses econometric algorithms for an intelligent linking of IP data (patents, standards, products and publications) to analyze market developments, technology trends and a company’s competitive position for patenting and standardization. Specifically, the IPlytics Platform facilitates decision making such as patent positioning, patentability, investments, portfolio planning, licensing cost, standardization opportunities, emerging technologies, and new markets and alliances. After the speech, participants discussed the new analytical approaches that IPlytics uses in terms of validation and usability. IPlytics cooperates with leading scientific research organizations to ensure that data processing and data calculation methods are trustworthy and reliable.

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