IPlytics has successfully exhibited at this years CeBIT fair 2015. IPlytics is part of the program of the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology, supporting innovative company in the information technology field. In this regard the ministry organized several talks about technology trends, market developments and perspectives for economic groth. IPlytics was part of these discussions at the CeBIT future talks stage. During the trade fair IPlytics held 3 presentation presenting how the IPlytics Platform tool leverages insights on IP data on markets and technology. IPlytics presented new methods of patent analyticspatent landscapingpatent valuation and patent mapping. These methods are important for identifying technology trends, market developments or companies’ competitive behavior. IPlytics presented its highly scalable and reliable search engine for searching million of documents in just a few seconds. IPlytics connects multiple data bases of e.g. patent documents, standard documents or product descriptions providing a 360 degree overview on how technology and market players behave. Context aware semantic search and sophisticated statistical algorithms help to foresee future trends and conducting thorough foresight analysis.

Introducing the all-new Semantic Essentiality Score (SES)