As part of the German program for strengthening the research on standardization (FNS), the German Institute for Standardisation (DIN) organized the workshop “The role of standards and patents in global markets” at the RWTH Aachen. IPlytics held a presentation on the topic “Strategic Patenting and Standardization” and gave a live presentation of the IPlytics platform tool. The IPlytics platform tool allows searching patents as well as standards in global markets. With the help of intelligent calculations and visualizations the tool provides a 360 degree overview on relevant market and technology developments. The workshop event showed that an invention alone is not a market success per se, but needs a critical acceptance and demand in relevant market segments. The business success of ideas is particularly enhanced by rapid diffusion in the markets. Technology standards represent, in addition to patents and licenses, optimal instruments of knowledge and technology transfer. The IPlytics platform tool is an important source of information for a company’s investment decisions of new R&D (Research & Development) projects. IPlytics platform thus offers its customers a valuable solution to reduce costs and gain a competitive advantage over competitors through an information advantage.

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