Darts-ip is pleased to partner with the Berlin-based analytics firm, IPlytics, to provide IP practitioners with an unparalleled level of access to the world of Standard- essential Patents (SEPs).

From prosecution to FRAND licensing and litigation, this new partnership will enable patent professionals to fully leverage Darts-ip’s legal tech capabilities and global court and office records database with IPlytics’ innovative analytics software. Together Darts-ip and IPlytics will provide a complete overview of all SEP-related activities, allowing users to easily visualise market trends, identify crucial factors and track in real-time the latest legal provisions.

“We always strive to give our users the best tools to support legal and business strategies on a global scale. Information on standards is extremely valuable in today’s connected world and as a leader in their field, IPlytics is the perfect partner to help us provide global insights on SEPs.” – Mihnea Hanganu, Darts-ip Head of Data and Analytics

The technical integration and rollout will be announced at a later date. Immediately following the rollout a new filter will be made available to Darts-ip users, enabling them to refine their results based solely on SEP activity.

“Connectivity standards such as 5G, WiFi or video coding will soon be integrated in areas beyond the smart phone or computer industry. Standards are crucial for systems to communicate. Standardized technologies such as 5G will soon impact markets such as automotive, energy, entertainment or also the medical space. As of today, 5G alone is subject to over 40k declared Standard essential patents and companies worldwide are in need to understand and track which patents to license-in when using the 5G standard. Combing data on litigation details and standard essential patents provides a more transparent understanding of how to shape a good IP strategy in industries where standards matter.” – Tim Pohlmann, CEO IPlytics

Prior to the technical integration, Darts-ip and IPlytics will release a unique report in the first half of 2019 exploring the SEP activity around the world in order to identify global trends, key players, market drivers and never before seen statistics. For more information, including the report’s precise release date, be sure to follow the Darts- ip social media channels and subscribe to the newsletter.


Darts-ip is the global intellectual property (“IP”) cases & analytics provider. With almost 3 million cases gathered from over 3000 courts worldwide, Darts-ip is the global reference in IP case law. Darts-ip unveils insights that were previously unavailable on cases, companies, IP portfolios, and technologies to support legal and business strategies on a global scale. It took ten years to collect, analyze and build the right platform for users to access and benefit from millions of court documents from all over the world.

Darts-ip covers all main IP domains with patents, trademarks, design & models, domain names, copyrights, and unfair competition. Over 30.000 Lawyers, attorneys, corporate counsels, but also judges and examiners from around the world use our services to strengthen their arguments and be more confident in their choices. Our cases information is uniquely structured as data is extracted from each individual decision by the combined efforts of our machine learning algorithms and our IP specialists.

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IPlytics Platform is an IP intelligence tool that augments the analysis of technology landscapes and a company’s competitive position. IPlytics Platform goes beyond patent data by linking and processing more than 90 million patents to 4 million standards, 280,000 standard-essential patents, 60 million scientific articles and 4 million company/startup profiles on one single platform.

IPlytics Platform helps users to perform analysis in the fields of patent valuation, patent essentiality analysis, patent or standards landscaping, as well as trends in patent transfer or litigation information. The intuitive graphical interface allows users to easily navigate, analyse and drill down into full-text information, enabling in-depth technology analysis or a long-term monitoring of market segments.

For more information visit www.iplytics.com or contact us at info@iplytics.com

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