Communication between cars and their environment will shape the road of the future decisively. The objectives of the parties are different: the integration of IT technologies and the role of IPR, increasing road safety, increase traffic efficiency, improve travel comfort up to the collection and analysis of user data. The digital revolution goes on the road – this was the topic of the Car-2-X-theme night which was co-hosted by the Technical University of Berlin and the German Standard Setting Organization DIN. The program included the latest research results, future trends and innovative business ideas. Around 60 participants followed the invitation in the atrium of the TU Berlin. A total of six keynote lectures were held in the different subject areas. Presentations were following by insightful discussions with the audience. IPlytics CEO Tim Pohlmann was one of the keynote speakers and presented the latest numbers for patenting and standardization activities for Car to X communication systems technologies. In this regard, patents are often included in standardized technologies. These so-called “standard essential patents” are subject to a different legal framework in terms of licensing and enforcement and have been causing multiple litigation cases in recent years. In course the integration of standardized communication systems into cars, also the car manufacturing industry will be subject to standard essential patents in recent years. IPlytics helps companies understanding new markets in terms of IPR or standard setting activities by providing access to multiple IP related data bases with the IPlytics Platform tool. Intellectual Property analysis helps understanding how different technology trends emerge, develop or even converge every day. IPlytics Platform allows spotting upcoming technology trends for identifying new revenue paths or recognizing where to fill gaps in current product lines. Monitoring R&D trends is critical for a long-term success in any market. IPlytics CEO Tim Pohlmann was one of the key note speakers among Dr. Stefan Weisgerber (DIN), Prof. Dr. Knut Blind (TU Berlin, Fraunhofer), Eric Wern (VDA), Teodor Buburuzan (Volkswagen AG), Malte Windwehr (Vimcar GmbH) and Davis Eisape (DIN).

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