In this first part of our “IPlytics Back To Basics Summer Webinar Series”, we took a deep dive into the world of standard essential patents (SEPs). SEPs aren’t just for 4G/5G telecommunications or autonomous vehicles. Regardless of the industry you are in, everyone will need to understand that standardized technologies subject to SEPs will be the backbone of connectivity.

To learn more, freely download the Webinar presentation slides including the Webinar video recording:

  • What is a standard essential patent? The role of a patent vs the role of a standard? Why do you need them? What is the difference between declared SEPs and valid essential SEPs.
  • Insights into a company’s SEP filing and prosecution practices.
  • Heavily patented standards and why these standards are so important (3/4/5G, WiFi, AVC/HEVC/VVC, digital broadcasting, advanced television, wireless charging.)
  • Global organizations with large declared SEP portfolios, the technologies and industries they operate in.
  • Famous industry anecdotes from the world of SEPs.
  • The future of declared SEPs: What you need to know now!

Video Recording and Presentation Slides

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