The 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) plays a crucial role in establishing global standards for the wireless industry. It has so far successfully developed 3G, 4G and 5G, leading to commercialization of these technology standards on a global scale. These standards are not only core for the telecommunications industry but also support connectivity for automotives and soon any object and device in the IoT enabling connectivity for manufacturing, energy, logistics, homes, cities, healthcare and many more.

3GPP is likely on of the largest open innovation projects in the world bringing together thousands of worldwide experts from various companies and industries to collaborate and create technology standards. Companies can only gain credibility by regularly participating and developing and submitting standards contributions, which allows them to introduce their own developed and sometimes patented technologies into the standard. The standard development process is transparent where any meeting or technical contribution is open to the public and information about standards contributions allows monitoring each company’s 5G development activity, identify new technology topics or allow to search for prior art or technology white spaces. In 2022 only, 3GPP members submitted over 110,000 contributions and over 3,500 different experts attended meetings. There has been an elevated public curiosity in measuring and quantifying the impact of member companies’ technical prowess through standards contribution data. However, counting standards contributions is often not straight forward and statistical results must be carefully interpreted. This webinar aims at demystifying the 5G standardization process and discuss what data can really tell us.

Join IPlytics CEO Tim Pohlmann for a wide-ranging conversation with invited experts from leading 5G developing companies that have extensive 3GPP experiences, to elucidate the inner workings of 3GPP, unpack the various types of contributions, and demystify the process of standardization.

Webinar Speakers:

  • Lorenzo Casaccia, Vice President Technical Standards & Intellectual Property at Qualcomm
  • Diana Pani, VP of Wireless Standards at InterDigital
  • Janne Peisa, Head of Connectivity Networks, GFTL Standards and Industry Initiatives at Ericsson
  • Tuomas Saukkonen, Head of Cellular Standards Patent Portfolio at Nokia
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