*The data in this report is outdated. Please find the latest November 2021 5G patent landscape report here.

With more and more companies declaring ownership of standard essential patents (SEPs) for 5G standards, it is crucial to keep up with the filing numbers of the patent leaders in connectivity.

The next industrial revolution will see increasing technological convergence as connectivity technologies are gradually integrated into mechanical products. For example, while the importance of connectivity modules in cars may currently be small, experts believe that the connected vehicles of the future will shift consumer focus from the automobile itself to the broader issue of transportation. We will also see the increasing importance of 5G technology in other industries where smart factories, smart homes, smart meters and even smart medical devices will rely on 5G connectivity. Soon most industries where connectivity matters will heavily depend on standardised and often patented standards, which are developed in open, consensus-based, standards-development organisations (SDOs). Understanding the 5G patent landscape is therefore crucial for any IP professionals across industry verticals as SEPs are infringed when implementing 5G standardised technology. SEP owners will request royalties for SEPs and recent patent litigation in the auto industry shows both how lucrative the SEP licensing market is and how the smart phone wars have been shifting to the auto industry, with a potential to spill over into other industries (e.g., home appliances, manufacturing, and energy).

In this report The IPlytics Platform database was used to count and display the latest numbers of 5G declared patents as of February 2021. Also the report provides 5G patent portfolio essentiality rates from a sample of 1,000 manually mapped 5G declared patents. Finally the number of submitted and approved standard contributions per company was counted on the portfolio level.

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