Tim Pohlmann and his co-author Justus Baron take a step back to review the year 2021 with regards to Standard Essential Patents (SEPs). Tim and Justus take a closer look at SEP litigation in Europe and the battle of the automotive industry with the focus on landmark court decisions and important settlements in 2021. Here they also take a closer look at this year’s trend to set world wide licensing terms in local courts. Finally Tim and Justus describe the current state of regulatory activities including the European Commission views and public consultations on SEPs as well as the German patent reform and how this could influence SEP enforcement in Germany. As the year is ending 2022 looks set be as exciting as 2021 with regards to SEPs as there are yet many open questions to be answered. The authors are excited to see how the licensing of SEPs in IoT will pick up. In this regard we can expect the launch of the first 5G patent pool as well as further court decisions and regulation to understand where to license SEPs and what a FRAND rate is.

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