Register to join an exclusive in-person event where a consortium of lead researchers will present the results of two Empirical SEP studies commissioned by the European Commission (DG GROW):

  • Empirical Assessment Study of Potential Challenges in SEP Licensing
  • SEP Transparency Impact Assessment Study

The study on the “Empirical Assessment of Potential Challenges in SEP Licensing“, provides an empirical assessment of potential challenges in SEP licensing. The “SEP Transparency Impact Assessment Study” discusses and assesses potential policy options with respect to one specific policy issue, namely transparency regarding the actual essentiality of patents declared to be potentially standard-essential (declared SEPs).

Both studies were commissioned to a consortium consisting of lead researcher Dr. Justus Baron (Northwestern University), Dr. Tim Pohlmann (IPlytics and TU Berlin), Dr. Pere Arque-Castells (University of Groningen), and Dr. Eric Sergheraert (University of Lille). IPlytics provided extensive data access to the group of researchers for the empirical part of the study. The consortium was supported by an advisory group that includes industry practitioners (including SEP licensors and licensees), subject matter experts, legal experts as well as judges and academics. The purpose of both studies is to provide the EU Commission with relevant empirical information and economic analysis concerning the potential reform of the framework for valuation and licensing of Standard Essential Patents (“SEPs”).


12:00pm – 01:00pm – Lunch Reception
01:00pm – 02:30pm – Presentation of the Study „Empirical Assessment of Potential Challenges in SEP Licensing“ (Pohlmann, Baron, Arque-Castells and Sergheraert)
02:30pm – 03:15pm – Q&A with audience
03:15pm – 03:45pm – Presentation of the Study „Essential Checks for Potential SEPs – Framework for Assessing the Impact of Different Policy Options“ (Baron)
03:45pm – 05:00pm – Panel discussion: assessing the impact of policy options for increasing transparency about essential patents (Baron, Pohlmann and panel of invited experts)
05:00pm – 06:00pm – Drinks Reception

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Register for the Presentation and Discussion Two Empirical Studies on SEPs

Note: Please register here to also participate in the morning session: 09.00am – 12.00pm Study presentation – “The European Standardisation System at a Crossroads”