SEPs were never far from the headlines in Summer 2020. Here, a group of experts discuss some of the most newsworthy trends. With landmark court decisions across the United States, Europe and Asia, case law surrounding SEP FRAND licensing has arguably never been so dynamic. It is therefore crucial for IP owners and licensees to stay up to date on how jurisprudence is affecting business-critical decisions. In this roundtable, IAM brings together leading specialists from around the world to offer their insights into how these shifts are affecting what constitutes FRAND licensing. The group includes:

  • Jonathan Putnam at Competition Dynamics,
  • IPlytics’ Tim Pohlmann,
  • Tess Waldron and Peter Damerell at Powell Gilbert, and
  • Ken Adamo from the Law Office of KRAdamo

As they explain, for licensors and licensees, keeping on top of the global nature of the SEP market has never been more urgent.

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