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Bridging the gap between patents and standards data

The wide use of connectivity technologies makes owning as well as licensing-in Standards Essential Patents (SEPs) crucial across industries. Consequently, an IP strategy for connectivity is much more than just about prosecution and enforcement. An organization’s patenting activities must consider standards-development activities as well as the use of third-party IP. However, it is highly challenging to align patent portfolio development and patent licensing initiatives with R&D and standards developing goals. The solution to deal with such challenges is a systematic data-driven approach that allows competitor monitoring, patent valuation, patent mapping to standards, testing a portfolio across multiple metrics to identify potential value as well as the identification of new standards projects. Multidimensional access to declared SEPs, pooled patents, litigation info, standards contributions and standard documents data empowers stakeholders to be part of the discussion and have a seat at the table when setting standards, developing SEP portfolios, licensing patents, and forming pools.

Companies can utilize a combination of analytics and advanced decision-making processes to improve their return on invested capital for their SEP portfolios or to prepare to license-in standardized technologies subject to SEPs. This webinar series will answer all your questions about How to Bridge the Gap between Patents and Standards Data.

Part 2: Generating insights from Licensing and Litigation Data

Europe/US: Tuesday October 25th 4pm CET, 10am ET
Asia: Wednesday October 26th 8am CET

Patent pools gather patents essential to a technology standard to offer a one-stop SEP license. Still, licensing SEPs is also often agreed in bilateral licensing negotiations. Licensors and licensees not finding an agreement often yields patent litigation. Patent pool data as well as SEP litigation data provides valuable insights about SEPs available in a pool license and SEPs for which companies are fighting in court. This webinar series will answer all your questions about:

  • How to deal with standards contribution data.
  • How to connect pooled patents and declared patents to understand SEP ownership.
  • How to analyze and make use of SEP litigation data.
Part 3: Generating insights from Standards Contribution Data

Europe/US: Tuesday November 29th 4pm CET, 10am ET
Asia: Wednesday November 30th 8am CET

Standards are specified in international meetings where companies present and submit technical contributions, which all members then discuss and approve or reject. The principle of consensus decision making means that considerable research and investment is required to create meaningful and convincing contributions that are approved by all members and are then incorporated into the final standard. Contribution data facilitates assessment of the involvement and investment of companies in the development of standards such as 5G, Wi-Fi 6 or VVC. This webinar series will answer all your questions about:

  • How to deal with standards contribution data.
  • How insights can be gained from standards contribution data.
  • How to count and value standards contributions.

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