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SEPs and the next technology revolution

Autumn 2020

The licensing of patents that dominates the mobile sector is now being used across a far wider range of industries. This is providing rights holders and implementers with plenty of opportunities, but also many challenges.

5G patent study 2020

January 2020

The study was officially commissioned by the German BMWi – Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy.

Patents and standards in the auto industry

June 2017

The increasing integration of information and communication technologies in vehicles is creating new challenges for licensing patents in general and for negotiating royalty payments for standard-essential patents in particular.

IPlytics and the Next Technology Revolution

Comprehensive IP Intelligence in one tool


EU Landscaping study on Standard Essential Patents (SEPs), 2017

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Standardized technologies such as LTE, WiFi, NFC, RFID or Bluetooth will strongly contribute to the next technological revolution of the Internet of Things (IoT). In this regard standard-essential patents (SEPs) are increasingly the subject of lively debates among market observers, policy makers and regulatory institutions. Yet little is known about the overall number truly standard essential patents declared in the numerous standard setting organizations (SSOs). In this report all publically available worldwide declared SEPs are analyzed to provide a more transparent understanding on the technological concentration and the regional application of SEPs, an overview of global SEP owners as well as an analysis on activities connected to patent licensing, patent trade, patent litigation and patent essentiality. The objective is thereby to better assess the needs and feasibility of more informative patent declarations.

IPlytics Study on Standard Essential Patents 2015

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IPlytics maintains a database with over 300,000 standard essential patents (SEPs) declared at the major standard setting organizations (SSOs) such as ETSI, IEEE, ISO, IEC, CEN, ANSI, TIA, ITU-T, ITU-R, IETF, W3C and others. IPlytics ranks SEP portfolios per company by patent indicators such as patent market coverage, patent value or years until patent expiration. IPlytics further provides additional information on over 900 SSOs, over 1,5 million standard documents and approximately 64 standard related patent pools.


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Committee on Development and Intellectual Property (CDIP), prepared by the Secretariat with contributions from Mr. Knut Blind, Professor, Berlin University of Technology, Faculty of Economics and Management, and Chair of Innovation Economics, Fraunhofer Institute for Open Communication Systems FOKUS Public Innovation, Berlin, Germany, and his colleagues at the Berlin University of Technology (2014)

EU Study on Patents And Standards: A Modern Framework For IPR Based Standardisation (2014)

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European Commission and Experts: Bekkers, R. , Birkman, L., Canoy, M., de Bas, P. Lemstra, W. , Ménière, Y. , Baron, J., Pohlmann Sainz, I., van Gorp, N. , Voogt, B., Zeldenrust, R., Nomaler, N., , T., Martinelli, A. (2014)

Informations- und Kommunikationstechnologien in Deutschland und im internationalen Vergleich, 2014

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Birgit Gehrke, Alexander Cordes, Katrin John (NIW), Rainer Frietsch, Carolin Michels, Peter Neuhäusler (Fraunhofer ISI) Tim Pohlmann (TU Berlin, IPlytics GmbH), Jörg Ohnemus und Christian Rammer (ZEW). Studien zum deutschen Innovationssystem, Februar 2014.

EU Study on the Interplay between Standards & Intellectual Property Rights (2011)

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The European Commission (DG Enterprise & Industry) by Knut Blind (Coordinator), Rudi Bekkers, Tim Pohlmann, Yann Dietrich, Eric Iversen, Florian Köhler, Benoît Müller, Stein Smeets, Jurgen Verweijen, April 2011


Essential Patents and Standard Dynamic, 2016

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An analysis on the rate and direction of technological progress of standards subject to declared standard-essential patents (SEP).
Justus Baron, Tim Pohlmann, Knut Blind, 2016

Landscaping standard-essential patents

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The article investigates several statistics and characteristics of declared SEPs.
Tim Pohlmann, 2016

Mapping Standards to Patents using Databases of Declared Standard-Essential Patents and Systems of Technological Classification

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This paper describes a new database of declared Standard-Essential Patents (SEPs), discusses methods for matching declared SEPs with technology standards, and presents empirical evidence on technology standards subject to declared SEPs.

Justus Baron and Tim Pohlmann, September 2015

Patent positions and start-up success

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The study assesses whether indicators based on patent portfolios can predict the future success of start-ups.

Yann Meniere, Yann Dietrich, Tim Pohlmann et. al., 2015

Standard essential patents to boost financial returns

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An empirical study that tests the influence of owning SEPs on a firm’s financial performance.
Knut Blind, Peter Neuhäusler, Tim Pohlmann, 2015

Standards, consortia, and innovation

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This paper aims to assess whether company consortia can mitigate R&D coordination failure through enhanced cooperation.

Justus Baron, Yann Meniere, Tim Pohlmann, 2014

The Evolution of ICT Standards Consortia


This article is the first approach to analyze structures of a large sample of standards consortia to provide evidence on how consortia are formed, organized and why they appear or disappear in the market.

Tim Pohlmann, 2014

Patente und Standards: Offenlegung, Lizenzen, Patentstreitigkeiten und rechtspolitische Diskussionen

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Patente in Technologiestandards: Innovation oder Blockade für die IKT-Industrie?, GRUR Zeitschrift für gewerblichen Rechtschutz und Urheberrecht, Heft 8/2014
Knut Blind, Tim Pohlmann, August 2014

The Interplay Of IPR And Standards

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The article discusse trends in the interplay of IPR And Standards, FRAND Commitments And SEP Litigation

Knut Blind, Tim Pohlmann, September 2013

The Effect of Patent Pools on Patenting and Innovation

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The Effect of Patent Pools on Patenting and Innovation – Evidence from Contemporary Technology Standards

Justus Baron and Tim Pohlmann, August 2015

Who cooperate in standards consortia – Rivals or complementors?

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This article provides empirical evidence on the standards related to informal consortia, and on the R&D contributions of members and outsiders.

Justus Baron and Tim Pohlmann, August 2013

Patent Pools and Patent Inflation

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An empirical analysis of contemporary patent pools
Justus Baron and Tim Pohlmann, August 2012

The Interplay of Patents and Standards for ICT

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Tim Pohlmann and Knut Blind in: PIK – Practice of Information Retrieval and Communication. Band 37, Issue 3, pp. 189–195, ISSN (Online) 1865-8342, ISSN (Print) 0930-5157, DOI: 10.1515/pik-2014-0016, September 2014.

Trends in the Interplay of IPR and Standards

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Knut Blind and Tim Pohlmann in: les Nouvelles, pages 177-181, September 2013.

Typology of the patent troll business

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Tim Pohlmann and Marieke Opitz: In: R&D Management, Volume 43, Issue 2, pages 103–120, March 2013.


IPlytics featured in Wirtschaftswoche: Startup Unicorns - Do they like patents?

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German economy magazine Wirtschaftswoche publishes a statistic on patenting strategies of startup unicorns.
October 2015

Gründerszene: IPlytics closes seed investment round

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Germany’s biggest start up magazine published an article on IPltyics in the course of their seed funding round.
October 2015

Handelsblatt: IPlytics, Wegweiser durch den Patent-Dschungel

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German Handelsblatt features an article on IPlytics answering questions on current patent litigations.

HI:TECH CAMPUS "Intelligente Patent-Plattform"

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Interview with CEO Dr. Tim Pohlmann: How the idea of IPlytics Platform came about.

Interview in German Handelsblatt with Professor Blind

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German Handelsblatt features portraits on influential economists: Berlin scientist Knut Blind explains why technical standards are anything but boring.

Interview mit Dr. Tim Pohlmann, ELAN 2013 Ausgabe 1

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In this interview Dr. Tim Pohlmann outlines background information on the interplay of patents and standards.

IP-Watch. EU Promotes Use Of Standards As A Tool For Innovation

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According to Pohlmann, IPlytics analyses provide an accurate management of intellectual property rights so that firms are able “to focus their R&D expenditures, save costs and leverage their IPRs.” In other words, private sector players assess whether an innovation is free of third parties’ intellectual property rights strategically.

Transfer-Allianz elects IPlytics Platform as project of the month

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For October (2013) IPlytics Platform is elected project of the month by Transfer-Allianz.

Clipping Report "IKT Innovativ Price 2013"

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Press Release and clippings for the distinction of IPlytics in the course of “IKT Innovativ”, September 2013

Congress Presentations

Patenting and standardization trends in Car-2-X Communication

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Berlin, June 2015. Car-2-X: Die Digitale Revolution geht auf die Straße Die Entwicklung der Kommunikation zwischen Fahrzeugen und deren Umgebung ist eine der spannendsten Entwicklungen und treibende Kraft in der Vernetzung zwischen Automobil- und Informationstechnologiebranche. Das kontinuierliche Zusammenwachsen beider Branchen wird Experten zufolge den Straßenverkehr der Zukunft maßgeblich prägen. Sowohl übergeordnete Ziele, wie die Verringerung der Umweltverschmutzung, die Erhöhung der Verkehrssicherheit und die Steigerung der Verkehrseffizienz, als auch individuelle Bedürfnisse, wie die Erhöhung des Reisekomforts, werden nachhaltig beeinflusst.

How to Analyze Patents And Standards For Internet OF Things

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November 26th, 2014, IP Service World Munich, Germany.

Leveraging The Interplay Of Patents And Standards

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October 30th, 2014, Standards Your Innovation Bridge Conference, Brussels, Belgium.

IPlytics @ DIN Research Standardization 2014

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April 4th, 2014, Hannover, Germany.